Roman Archaeology

In 2010 archaeological excavations were carried out on the site of Chalmers View, Newcastle Road, just opposite the Police Station
The land was scheduled to be built on, but the builders allowed Archaeologists from Durham University to investigate the expected remains of the Roman Road which was known to exist in this area and to record any other finds.
It appears that the Roman Road, which ran right through the centre of Chester-le-Street, is now understood to have followed a line to the West of the present Newcastle Road, leaving the mini round-about at the bottom of Pelaw Bank and eventually passing through the grounds of what used to be Highfield Hospital.
The site had also been the location of a brick and tile works during the early part of the 19th Century (owned by George Murray) and the adjacent housing estate was a quarry where the clay was extracted for that industry.

In addition to establishing the course of the Roman Road, the excavations produced three notable finds. The first was a circular Roman Pot Lid, then there was the discovery of part of a Roman Glass Bottle and also a Silver Roman Coin.

Fragment of Glass Bottle
Roman Coin
Pot Lid