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Horner’s (Dainty Dinah)

Jimmy Walton

Jimmy was a common sight around Chester-le-Street, on one occasion he was given firm advice by Inspector Gargate of the local Constabulary, who had seen Jimmy driving down Front Street with his leopard draped around his shoulders.

A Visit to the Cinema

How things have changed since we went to the pictures. All patrons at picture houses would be smartly dressed, not Sunday best, but men would wear suits, or sports jackets and trousers, and always with a shirt and tie.

The Regatta

In the 1940s after the war, I remember the regattas on the Wear. It was an afternoon out for the whole family as my brother Stan Shepherd, was in the Rowing Club and raced in the single sculls.

School Dinners

One girl from each table had to volunteer to go to the serving hatch and collect the dinners two at a time, to serve her table. If no one was willing to go the prefects chose someone.

1940s Childhood Part 1

I was born at the beginning of the war in a two bed roomed house in Nelson Street. This was a short street of five houses situated at the bottom of West Lane. The house had a yard at the back and a small garden at the front which was across the other side of the road.

1940s Childhood Part 2

Mr. Maule had a small shop in the front room of his house, and we went there to buy penny sticks of liquorice root, aniseed balls, and barley sugar sticks. He was the only person we knew who had a fridge.

1940s Childhood Part 3

On washing day, the clothes were sossed in a zinc poss tub, but the wooden dolly poss stick had modernised into a “squeegee”.

Do You Remember?

Memories of Chester-le-Street 1956-1968