Brief History

The known history of Chester-le-Street dates back to 122AD when a Roman fort was built along the banks of the River Wear. The site of the fort was centred on the Church Chare area, and possibly called “Congangis”.

Horner’s & Dainty Dinah

Lindisfarne Gospels

How the town acquired a facsimile copy of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Murray Engineering

History of the Murray Engine Works.

Flooding History

“A most tempestuous wind with heavy rain blew from the south west causing considerable flooding in the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees. In Chester-le-Street the Wear was so swollen that it extended above the arch of the new bridge which is more than a quarter of a mile from the channel of the river.”

The Workhouse

History of the towns Workhouse.

Roman Archaeology

Details of archaeological excavations on Newcastle Road.


History of the Co-Op from its formation in 1852 until its closure in 2007.

Shrove Tide Football

A football “Match” between the Upstreeters and the Downstreeters.

Deanery Murder

Story of an unsolved murder from days gone by.

Murder of Annie Walker

Those who grew up in and around Great Lumley, will no doubt have heard of the terrible murder of Annie Walker. If not, then read on.