Chester Chronicle Project

The original copies of the Chester-le-Street Chronicle are stored at Beamish Museum’s Resource Centre and due to concerns about their fragile condition, it was agreed with the owner of these weekly broadsheets and the custodians at the Museum, to digitally record every page of the paper from 1911 to 1935 numbering some twenty four volumes. 

To achieve this, we purchased specialist photographic equipment and three Members of the Group attended the Resource Centre’s photography studio at Beamish Museum once every week to carry out this task that took over two years to complete.

The process required digitally photographing in high resolution each and every page, converting these to more usable formats which would be suitable for transferring to compact discs, compiling an index of all pages and making these available to the general public. Each of the 24 Volumes contained 52 weekly editions of up to 10 pages – A total of 12,480 photographs.

The information contained in these newspapers will be of great interest to all those who are researching local history or their family trees. The 1914-1918 issues include casualty lists and in some cases photographs of those who served.

The sample page is the front page of the 29 September 1916 edition, and it shows some of the local men who had been killed or wounded during the ill fated July 1st attack on the Somme.

We currently have years 1913 through to 1919 available on DVD and can be viewed at our regular Tuesday Drop-In sessions. You can also purchase a copy DVD for £8.00 + £2.00 postage. If interested please send details of what year(s) you would like via our Contact Us page.