Chester-le-Street Heritage Group

Chester-le-Street in 1891

This study was the work of members of the Chester-le-Street Heritage Group. It began in 2000 as part of a wider study of Chester-le Street by the group, relating to the date of 1891 and took 6 years to complete.

It follows a previous study carried out in the 1980s organised by the Workers' Education Association and the Department of Adult and Continuing Education of Durham University by members of the Group when a study was made of the 1851 Census. This culminated in the publication of a document covering the 1851 Census. In 2002 the 1851 document was revised and updated and re-published by the Heritage Group.

We are deeply indebted to members who have contributed to the this book and we are sure that the time and energy spent doing it will prove valuable to individuals and the community in general. In particular we are grateful for the work done by the late Peter Witham in formulating the main body of the text and for carrying out the IT required to demonstrate the figures and returns. We are also grateful for the support of the Chair, Audrey Watson and Secretary the late Edna Stokoe who have given unstinting support to the project. Also to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Button who have given their time to proof read the text and offer suggestions and alterations as required. A further thanks to Mrs. Hall who offered information submitted in the Research Notes and for giving guidance regarding the accuracy of facts in the text. Additionally we would like to thank Mike Rutter who is well known for his interest in town history, for his article relating to the medical practitioners Dr. Duncan and Dr. Morrell and to the late John Maddison for the article on Rope Making.

The Heritage Group can be contacted at the main library on the evenings of the first and third Wednesdays of the month and at the Drop-In Sessions which are held at the Salvation Army Citadel every Tuesday Morning, or by contacting us via the CONTACT US page on this website.

The front cover of the original publication, soon to be digitised and made available on CD.