Chester-le-Street Heritage Group

1940s Childhood - Bluccey’s

In those days the wireless was powered by an accumulator battery which had to be recharged and topped up. The casing was made of thick glass with a positive and negative pole, the battery was filled with lead plates and an acid and water mixture. This was too heavy for us to carry so we put it in the baby’s pushchair and wheeled it around to Blucceys on West Lane. He took the old one and gave us a new one. This took two of us as we had to walk very carefully and try to keep the pushchair level, as we went up and down the pavement steps so the acid wouldn’t spill, we were also warned never to touch the battery acid or it would burn our fingers.

One day we heard that a new material called plastic had been invented. The first things we saw made of this new material were electric wires. These were available in different colours, so a new craze was born. The girls all dashed down to Blucceys to buy lengths of coloured wire, which were then woven into bracelets with hook and eye fasteners on the end. These could be fashioned into numerous different designs, and everyone swapped ideas. Of course you didn’t always need to buy new wire as you just undid the original and re designed it.

 Reminiscence by Bunty for the Friends of CLS Heritage Group March 2011

Bluccey’s Electrical Shop & Cestrian Studios on West Lane