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Members Photographs

Group Photographs:

It would seem about time that we had a new Group Photograph taken. It has been a few years since the last one was produced and there have been a number of changes to the Membership since then.

Also, it has been requested that individual photographs should be taken as suggested at a previous meeting.

Here, are the Group photographs that have been taken so far:

Group Members - 1st November 2006

Back Row L/R   : David Heseldene, John Maddison, Malcolm Smith, Brian Pirrie, Alex Thompson, Peter Witham.

Third Row L/R  : Audrey Watts, Margaret Punshon,Ray Colley, Jim Rutter.

Second Row L/R: Jean Stout, Eva Wheatley, Grace Robinson, May Chapman, Dorothy Hall, Sue Vidler.

Front Row L/R  : Irene Bell & Audrey Watson.

Group Members - 1st October 2008

Back Row L/R : Thelma Walton, Sue Vidler, Anne Blenkiron, Catherine Button, Irene Bell, Ray Colley, Malcolm Smith,                        Peter Witham, Brian Pirrie, Alex Thompson.

Front Row L/R: Jean Stout, Audrey Watson, Brenda Glenwright, Margaret Punshon, Jim Rutter, Dorothy Hall, David Heseldene,                        May Chapman.

Group Members - April 2011

Back Row L/R : Alex Thompson, Jim Rutter, Catherine Button, Thelma Walton, Dorothy Hall, Brian Pirrie, Malcolm Smith.

Front Row L/R: Maureen Sanders, Anne, Blenkiron, Anne Slack, Jenny Lancaster, Sue Vidler, Brenda Glenwright, Jean Stout,                        Margaret Punshon, Audrey Watson.

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Back Row L/R : Thelma Walton, Dorothy Hall, Ann Slack, Margaret Sutherland, Jean Stout, Dave Gardner, Sue Vidler, Catherine Button,                       Peter Hanley, Alex Thompson, Malcolm Smith and John Stephenson.

Front Row L/R: Maureen Sanders, Dorothy Bains, Brenda Glenwright, Jim Rutter, Audrey Watson, Margaret Punshon.

Group Members - September 2015