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Chester-le-Street Regatta

Reminiscences by Derek Shepherd about  the Chester-le-Street Regatta in the late 1940s which was a family event.

The Lion, Tiger & the Wolf Cubs

Memories of a visit by the 2nd Chester-le-Street Scout Troop to meet Jimmy Walton and his animals in the 1950s.

Reminiscences by Ron Hall and Derek Shepherd May 2010.

Jimmy Walton and his animals.

Jimmy Walton was a local Butcher well known to many people in the town, however, his other claim to fame was his collection of wild animals.

A visit to the Cinema

A  visit to the cinema in the late 1950s was a real treat, with The Queens, The Essoldo, The Savoy and The Palace to choose from, which often depended upon how much money you had to spare.

Thanks for the Memories.

This page is devoted to the reminiscences of local people which will hopefully bring back memories to all who read these short recounts of their lives and experiences in day gone by.

If you would like to contribute to these stories, then please get in touch with the Heritage Group via the Contact Us page of this website.

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Emily’s Cafe

A visit to Emily’s Cafe was a must at sometime during the week.

Do you remember going there and enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere?

Reminiscences by Audrey, Jean and Margaret Nov. 2010

School Dinners

Do you have good or bad memories of School Dinners?

Well here a a few recollections from the 1950s when rationing was still in force and there wasn’t much choice.

Reminiscences by Bunty.

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1940s Childhood Part 1.

‘Sweet’ memories, ‘Favourite Pastimes’ and ‘Old Gran’ are covered in this three part selection of memories.

Reminiscences by Bunty.

1940s Childhood Part 2.

Nelson Street memories and the Welfare Clinic.

Reminiscences by Bunty.

1940s Childhood Part 3.

Bluccey’s Electrical Shop and the accumulator battery.

Reminiscences by Bunty.

Washing days.

Memories of washing days which took a whole day and was jolly hard work.

Reminiscences by Bunty.

Do You Remember?

Some memories of John Johnstone’s time living in Chester-le-Street - do you remember some of the things he has recalled?

Reminiscence by John Johnstone

1940s Part One 1940s Part Two 1940s Part Three Washing Day Do You Remember?